CLIENT: VARIOUS     CATEGORY: CGI      TOOLS: illustration, 3D

Salamagica is a CGI and Photography Production Studio specialized in advertising, which works with agencies, clients and independent producers worldwide.
Since 2008 we offer our services and experience, innovating and incorporating old and new methods to create unique pieces, ranging from classic hand-drawn artwork and airbrush, to 3D modeling.


Our mission is to be a distinctive complement to convey ideas. Through our work we reflect that each graphic piece is achieved with dedication, passion and skill.
Every job is a new challenge and no job is equal to another. We are like artists painting a masterpiece. Each work is different from the other. That’s our talent, our inspiration, our engine and what sets us apart.


At Salamagica we identify with the saying -practice makes the master-, which inspires us in the constant use of various techniques such as illustration, photography, photomontage, and CGI, among others. The mixture of all these tools and talent, results in a unique and powerful product.